Healthcare Analytics, LLC

hcalogoHealthcare Analytics, LLC, is an independent, client-focused consulting firm specializing in assessing the creditworthiness, as well as the financial and operational condition of hospitals and other healthcare credits. Its clients include portfolio managers, institutional investors, healthcare mortgage bankers, information service providers and other interested parties.

The Healthcare industry is in the throes of a dynamic revolution as markets are evolving and the Affordable Care Act is phased in. The pace of mergers and acquisitions is accelerating as local healthcare facilities respond to the new accountable care focus and the survival of smaller hospital and healthcare providers becomes more uncertain. In this Dodd-Frank environment, investors can no longer afford to rely solely on annual rating agency reports: they require a thorough and independent analysis to assess the soundness of their healthcare holdings.

Healthcare Analytics provides its clients with a credit opinion reflective of an up-to-date analysis on how each of its portfolio credits is performing and an evaluation of how each healthcare institution will likely be affected in its marketplace. The analysis includes the impact of the regulatory and financial climate in each state which has a profound effect on the creditworthiness of healthcare facilities within its borders.